Khodi DIll

Theresa Point also known as Apt exact was born in Sto:lo Nation Territory.  She was raised in Chilliwack, BC.  After moving around for college and travelling she found her passion for music and writing at 20 years old.  Since that time she has formed the hip hop group Rapsure Risin, performed at numerous venues across the country including youth conferences, award ceremonies, protests, ralleys, festivals and more.  By finding a love for hip hop music Theresa was able to expand her growth and knowledge of conscience music and venture into all areas of making art.  

Theresa has hosted her own radio show on Co-Op Radio called Vancity Vibez, hosted and orgnazied many large events, and did a guest spot hosting APTN’s MyTV.  She has appeared on 3 APTN series, The Mix with Greg Coyes, MyTV, and First Talk with Tamara Bull.  She has also been a guest on CBC Radio 3, along with being featured in documentaries and advocacy videos for youth.  
In short Theresa is passionate about positive change, justice, truth and consciousness for all people.  Starting with herself, family and community she is on the brink of bringing about the voice of those not heard and amplifying it for all to witness.